Temaki Sushi means handrolled Sushi.The dish is an ideal meal or dinner party recipe. Healthy, light, delicious and fun to make, it creates the social occasion which makes Japanese food unique in the world.

You would need:
Seaweed Slices, Sushi Rice, Your favourite Temaki filling, such as crab, ham or pickles, soy sauce, Wasabi(Japanese Horseradish).

Remove the Seaweed from the packets, and gently cut into half, forming squares. Taking one of these squares into the palm of your hand, arrange a thin layer of Sushi Rice onto the seaweed, add the filling. Place a dab of Wasabi to taste, on the filling, roll into cone shape and for added flavour, dip into soy sauce before eating.

All ingredients for this recipe can be purchased from the shop.