Wing Lee Hong is committed to selling the highest quality raw materials and products and will only consider selling of geneticlly modified ingredients when convinced of their safety, public acceptability, quality and practical protential.

We believe that modern biotechnology represents a reasonable extention to traditional plant breeding techniques which has the potential to provide many benefits to our customers and the environment.

Our aim is to be open about the origins of our products and their ingredients and to make avalible to our customers information about genetic modification.

Nevertheless, given the complexity and fragmentation of supply chains used by a company such as ours, it is becoming increasingly difficult to give absolute assurances concerning the use of GM foods or derivatives of GM crops at every point in any given supply

At the present time, and to our knowledge, no genetically modified products are sold and we will maintain close relationships with our customers, suppliers and other parties to ensure that the interests of all those concerned are protected as new ingredients and products are developed.